Picture of me

Frédéric Mangano‑樽見(Tarumi)

Computer-o-logist. Curriculum vitae (French).

About me

I am a handsome Frenchman now living in Montréal. People call me fmang in the software world.

I started studying computers early in my childhood, which led me to pursue a computer science master degree at Université Paris-Sud with top grades.

My broader interests include exact sciences in general, but also languages, in particular French, English, and Japanese.


As a developer, my favorite languages are C and C++ in practice, and Haskell in theory.

In software, I value clean design, safety and security, as well as stability and standards.

Contact me

Reach me by email at , or on IRC as fmang on Freenode.

Code Repositories


My most active repositories. I use GitHub to encourage contributing.

Home Git

I drop most of my projects at least there, including some crazy experiments like a toy kernel based on IRC. This is my preferred and most up-to-date repository.

Hot Projects

oshu! fmang/oshu

This is a lightweight clone of the osu! rhythm game for low-end computers. The current version don't have much features but the main gameplay is there.

It is built with SDL2 and ffmpeg in C++ for maximum fun.

C++ game
Foreign Book Exchange Community Specification

I realized it's hard to find foreign books because of the lack of specialized bookstores or libraries. This project aims at encouraging foreigners and foreign language students to trade their books rather than throw them away.

Since I don't feel like building such a project alone, I'm actively looking for contributors. I also intend to use this project as an opportunity to explore Web development in C++.

C++ Web idea

Active Projects

Wish Japanese Dictionary Tools fmang/wish

Wish is a project that aims at providing both a command-line and a web interface to lookup words and kanji in the KANJIDIC and EDICT2 Japanese dictionaries.

A live version is available online, if you wanna try it out.

Perl Web command-line
Calf File Lister Generator fmang/calf

Calf is a FastCGI application that generates pretty file listings, rather that your web server's default bland listing. Since it was meant primarily for archiving, it groups files by year and month. See it live.

C Web