For Arch Linux users, an AUR package is available. I also have my custom repository.

To install from source:

make install

(the default DESTDIR is /usr/local, as usual)


Plugins are read in alphabetical order (it does matter) from ~/.luminescence/plugins.

By default, no plugins are compiled. Instead, their source files are stored in /usr/src/luminescence/plugins.

The luminescence-install script takes C plugin files and installs them. For example, to install all the available plugins:

luminescence-install /usr/src/luminescence/plugins/*.c


You can list the available commands with:

luminescence --help

To execute commands from the command line:

luminescence --scripts off --user-agent Luminescence

Configuration (exec.c)

The default configuration file is stored in ~/.luminescence/config:

# Sample configuration file
user-agent "Mozilla/5.0 Luminescence"
scripts off
uri http://foo/homepage

Alternatively, you can configure Luminescence directly from C. Have a look at luminescence.h.

Key bindings (bind.c)

You'll want to set up key bindings. The command is bind. For example, you can write into ~/.luminescence/config:

bind i insert-mode
bind u uri-edit
bind r reload
bind j scripts off
bind J scripts on
bind / find

Aliases (alias.c)

You may want to hide the URI label when editing the URI. All you have to do is run:

on uri-edit uri-hide

The alias command is similar to on except that is relays the arguments. You can use it to create synonyms or shortcuts.